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  • Investor Relations

    Micro-cap companies, many of which are considered designated securities by FINRA in today’s marketplace, lack the recognition required to raise the necessary capital to increase equity liquidity.

  • Investor Telecom.

    It is Benchmark Advisory's mission to professionally and proactively disseminate our client's stories to the investment community.

  • Corporate Finance

    Emerging growth and middle market companies frequently require additional capital for various reasons – from managing working capital to funding various capital expenditures in order to accelerate growth.

  • Equity Research

    Benchmark Advisory is well aware that markets are truly efficient only when they have sufficient and accurate data with which to value publicly traded issues.


A Full Service Investor Relations Firm.

Benchmark Advisory Partners is a full-service investor relations and financial communications firm that specializes in achieving fair market valuations for micro/small-cap companies. Our vision is to prove ourselves as leaders in the I.R. industry by delivering both proven and effective results, which are essential in an emerging growth environment. Benchmark Advisory Partners designs and specializes in proactive, on-going telecom efforts, direct mail, electronic marketing, shareholder communications and other programs to increase market awareness on behalf of its clients.


Partnering with Benchmark Advisory Partners includes improving shareholder communication channels, facilitating capital formation opportunities, creating an expanded and diversified base of institutional and retail shareholders while substantially increasing financial media coverage.

In dealing with our client's varied interests honestly and fairly, we are continually building trust with our judgment and integrity within the retail and institutional investment community.